Southern Arava R&D participates in AICAT (Arava International Center for Agriculture Training)- Agriculture without borders, hosting  and teaching  students from around the world. In the summer we will be welcoming a new group from Vietnam. AICAT is a unique professional program of tutoring and practical teaching based upon the imparting of knowledge and expertise in an integrated fashion.

The study program is year-long and includes 600 hours of agricultural study as well as educational tours in Israel, visiting companies and agricultural enterprises. Students live and work in the various settlements of the Arava. They receive wages for their work hours.
The activity takes place in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture, and works with official institutions of the participating countries (Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines,Ethiopia).

International Projects:

In addition to AICAT, many members of our management and research staff have acted as program managers, consultants, volunteers, or partners in international agricultural and development projects.  The agricultural and technological advancements we have made based on the necessity to overcome the challenges of our harsh natural setting are in demand worldwide. As part of the global community, we feel that it is important to share our knowledge.
Some examples of our projects include:
–  Israeli technology transfer project for pressure irrigated desert agriculture in Lunkaransar, Rajasthan, India
– Improving date production and establishment of a demonstration plantation in Kutch region, Gujarat state, India
– Evaluation and upgrading of agriculture projects at Hat Dokkeo Research Station in the Vientiane Province of Laos PDR, focusing on fruit trees and seed production
– Lecture series for courses on irrigation and crop planning, University of Piura, Peru
– Planning and implementation of a cross border desert agriculture project in Rachma, Jordan as a pilot project
–  Rehabilitation of disturbed areas in Quahila, Mexico
– Agricultural education project in Turkana North, Kenya
– Rehabilitation and upgrading of agriculture after earthquake in Haiti

Open Day:

Once a year, Southern Arava R&D opens its' gates to the public for a day of educational activities and tours. This gives the community a chance to connect to our R&D endeavors and learn about how they influence our lives and regional livelihood.  The open day is a festive event with tastings from the experimental farm, games, creative activities for kids, tours for all ages, and a chance to meet our researchers and technicians.