Project Consultancy & Management

Our team of highly experienced management, researchers, and technicians provide services as international consultants and project managers in the fields of research, agricultural development (including feasibility studies), advancement of agrotechnology, irrigation technology, and education & training.
We are enthusiastic to share decades of acquired knowledge and expertise with the global community, and particularly developing nations. During the past 35 years, SA R&D staff members have served as advisors and managers for interdisciplinary international agricultural projects of varying sizes throughout Africa and in Jordan, India, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Thailand, Ukraine, and Argentina. In addition to English, our staff members are proficient in Arabic, Spanish, French, English, and Russian.

Major projects include:
– Planning agricultural development of the state of Hariana & Rajasthan, India, a World Bank supported project. Received the Hanover Expo 2000 award for the development of "land shaping project in India & Thailand" (Moti Harrari)
– Cross-border agricultural and irrigation technology development project in Rahma, Jordan (Managed by Amnon Greenberg & Moti Harrari)
– Feasibility Study for Horticultural Projects in Tamil-Nadu, India. (Moti Harrari)
– Furrows in the Desert – Agricultural development project north Turkana, Kenya (Moti Harari) (PowerPoint presentation).

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