Flowers and Ornamental Plants
Sunflower (Helianthus annuus), Var.: Ringo .



Moti Harari
Aim Seed production industry in the Arava by the development of new cut flowers, gardening ornamentals and export-oriented flowering pot plants.
Method Breeding and introduction. Developing relevant agrotechnologies for the new products to achieve production protocols based on local and export market feedback.
Rationale Fast traditional crop changeover in the Arava calls for the constant development of new crops and agrotechnologies with the necessary investments in infrastructure, research and know-how. Seed production of unique products enables maintainance and protection of newly developed products as long duration commercial entities. Profit margin in this business is high in return to the investment in R&D.Newly produced crops have a very high demand in the horticulture world which is always looking for new products.Taking advantage of the unique growing conditions of the Arava enables production of high quality products in preferred commercial seasons.

a. Southern Arava R&D

  • Breeding department
  • Seed testing lab
  • Experimental farm
  • Soil-Water-Plant analytical lab

b. Ardom partners' farms

  • Experienced farmers
  • Irrigated greenhouses, net houses and open fields farms
  • Mechanized specific harvesting equipment
  • Seed processing and cleaning facilities


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