Medjool Date (Phoenix dactylifera) field in southern Arava desert, Israel.


The subject of orchards in SA R&D occupies an increasingly central position among the research subjects of the R&D. This is derived from the growing economic significance of the orchard industry in the southern Arava. The most important crop is dates, and primarily the Medjool variety. Our active date research includes cultivation practices, technological improvements and the development of a general database for all the date growers.

In addition the horticulture division of Arava R&D is involved in the development of the pomegranate orchard industry, focusing on developing early ripening pomegranates, and evergreen pomegranates which ripen off-season.


  • To Increase the profitability of Medjool and other date varieties in the Arava desert, by increasing yield, improving fruit quality according to consumer's demands, and increasing productivity by adopting labor saving technologies.
  • To develop, test, select and adopt additional fruit trees suitable for cultivation under the conditions of the Arava.
  • To develop and promote environmentally friendly integrated pest management practices.


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