Avi Sadowsky

 Plant Protection and Orchard Head Researcher.

Originally from Kfar Monash but lives in Rehovot. He has an undergraduate degree in Horticulture and a Master's degree in Plant Protection from the Agriculture Faculty of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He also has a diploma in Public Service Management from the JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance.

At Shaham (Agricultural Extension Service of the Ministry of Agriculture) he is a Citrus Instructor in the following roles/capacities:

  • Senior Referent – Citrus Pruning
  • Chief of Extension Service for Disease and Weed Control in Citrus
  • Chief of Extension Service for Integrated Pest Control in Citrus
  • Professional/Scientific Director of Tzerifin farm plantations.

 Avi joined the Southern Arava R&D in 2007.

 His main areas of practice are:

  • Pollination
  • Fertilization
  • Fruit Ripening
  • Thinning-out
  • Yield and fruit size of the majhoul date
  • Mechanical harvesting of medjhoul dates
  • Date plant protection (small date moth, large date moth, black burn)
  • R&D of early-variety pomegranates
  • Improvement and selection of early variety red pomegranates with low sensitivity to light and heat stress
  • Pomegranate Plant Protection (inventory of hazards in the Arava, R&D of integrated pest-control)
  • Marula proliferation and selection of species for the Arava